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Shobitha Electronics, one of the leaders in Electronic Ballast Manufacturing companies, is now the proud recipient of the prestigious ISO 9001-2000 Certification.

Solar energy (SE) is being used more and more to replace traditional forms of energy. Technically most of the forms of energy we use today are indirectly derived form the sun. Even fossil fuels are the products of photosynthesis ancient plants used to grow and then became fossilized. The sun is the Earth’s most powerful source of energy… both directly and indirectly.

The invention and development of solar energy technologies used today began only about forty or fifty years ago. Today more and more research is directed at finding efficient ways to use solar energy to generate electricity, heat homes and buildings, for cooking, and to heat water and air. As a result, we are now able to diversify our energy sources to include a variety of solar powered systems to improve efficiency and save money on energy.

Solar energy is a very reliable and low maintenance power source. Solar panels create solar systems that provide reliable residential, commercial, and power plant applications. No matter what you need to power in your home, most likely there are electricity, to solar power kits available to supply your needs. You can also purchase solar attic vents and solar fans to help with cooling costs of your home

Solar products are gaining popularity with the increasing awareness about the dangers of conventional technology to the world climate. People have begun switching over to these comparatively cheaper products, which contribute to environmental preservation. Sunlight is one form of available energy which is found everywhere and can be easily harnessed for energy purposes with zero negative effect on the environment.

Being a true citizen of our country we insistently believe in fulfilling our social responsibilities. Hence we the Shobitha Solar started to focus completely on Solar and its applications. And within a short span Shobitha Solar has gained a well revered name in the domain of solar equipments. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers of hi-tech solar products in the market.